Snow Days… my thoughts

I love this Georgia weather!! 60 degrees one day, and 23 degrees the next~! It really keeps me on my hooves.  When we had the ice/snow storm a couple of weeks ago I was turned out in the covered arena with my mate Chase.  We loved being able to stretch our legs and play!

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Great Show Season Team WDEC.. 2014 is going to be a great year… now, to get ready for horse shows AND Mr. George H. Morris on 4/5-4/6!! ACK!

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Horse Show Fever

I have been a very busy horse lately.  Ellie rode me at the WDEC show in the Children’s Hunters.. I was champion.. naturally.. One of the nicest beginner riders, Savannah, won the Hunter Hack on me, and rode me in Long Stirrup classes with great results. Then she decided to take me to MEADOW WOOD!  That was a fun show. I had a great time seeing my friends.  Brittany and Suzanne *the owners*  are wonderful people!

My mom hasn’t had much time to ride me, but that’s okay- she is busy schooling some of the new horses…. and traveling to horse shows.   I really love working with the kids and teaching them how to ride.

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Willow Dell Mini- Prix

I haven’t done the jumpers for a little bit.. ..but I gave it a go on Saturday and had a lot of fun!  In this picture- taken a week before the Mini Prix- Sarah and I were pretending to be Grand Prix Riders…..

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Work work work

Teaching my friends how to jump~!

My Mom has been letting me do a lot of fun things lately!

I went to a GHJA Horseshow at Wills Park and did quite well with Hannah when her horse was lame- it was a blast!

I was allowed to be ridden by our new friend, Martin, from England for some tough lessons.

AND…… finally, my mom let one of the beginner students, Morgan, ride me as a special treat before she goes to college….  and I am helping her learn how to jump!

PHEW!  It’s tough being the very best horse in the barn..


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Tin Man

We have a new arrival today on the farm. Tin man standing at 16’2 will be a fantastic addition. He will be available to schooling students with trainer consent of course! You will see him soon at local shows dominating the 2’3 & 2’6 .


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Busy Busy Busy

I have been a little out of touch lately- so much going on! Oops!  I have my hooves ready to type- let me just Recap-

  1. August- Peace Stables Horse Show at WDEC- I let my mom win the Hunter Hack… it was a lot of fun! I also did the Open Hunter, Modified Hunter with Katy Sage… beating Red Baron in a Modified over Fences class was awesome. You should have seen his face!

    I love Katy Sage !

  2. My Mom’s friend Fiona visited from Los Angeles and rode my mate Cosmo!  
  3. September- My mom and I had an AMAZING time with my mom’s trainer, the one and only Jamie Mann! She and her super cool son, Patrick, visited me and told everyone I am her favorite horse!

    Jamie Loves Me!

  4. October- My mom went to Australia in October to do some stuff at the Avoca Cup-She invited Baron’s Mom and Dad with her and they had a lot of fun. I missed her a lot.  I had a sad face most of October ….

    Country Racing!

  5. Speaking of faces… I had a run-in with my mate David’s hoof… in my face.  As a result, my Vet, Dr. Reynolds, took some x-rays and picked out some bone chips from my face.  Thankfully my mom and WDEC’s Sr. Trainer (Nancy Greene) have been taking extra special care of me. I am all better!  I forgive David… he didn’t mean it. He’s a nice guy.
  6. I had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving- my mom spent the day with me and all of my WDEC  friends and gave us apples and carrots.  I am thankful for my family at WDEC.  They take such great care of all of us.
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Kels Bonham @ WILLOW DELL teaching a clinic on 7/23-7/24~~ This is awesome!

Everyone is so excited to have this amazing champion at the farm!  I will post pictures and hopefully she will pet me!

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Lots of New Riders and a New Friend!

There have been so many fresh new faces coming to my barn lately! I get to see all of my friends getting tacked up right outside my stall and it is so much fun to see all of the new riders before and after they ride my friends.

There is also a new horse in my barn just two stalls down! His name is Cosmopolitan and he is a close second for the prettiest horse here (I’m first of course). After lots of smelling, I think we are going to be really good friends.

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I love my life- I get tons of love every day….meals (even lunch!) amazing pastures, great riders… ahhhhh


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